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25 and no turning back


I am officially recognizing that I am 25 years old.

With all honesty, I celebrated my birthday exactly 1 month ago. Yes, I was born on February 14. Yes, that is Valentine’s Day.

Being born on a fake holiday has it’s good side:

Person 1: When is your birthday?

Nina: Feb 14.

Person 1: Really? But that’s Valentine’s day!

Nina: Yes, and that’s my birthday.

Person 1: Cool!

When you’ve been celebrating it for 25 times (maybe less, depending on when I became conscious about celebrating), the “cool factor” disappears, and you get faced with the inconvenient truth:

  • Most food promos exclude Valentine’s Day
  • Some buffets have limited eating time during Valentine’s Day
  • All gifts come with a bear / heart, or is colored pink / red
  • Everybody else is celebrating, the mall is so packed!
  • Everyone is either too busy celebrating…or is just sad.

And with that, I always have birthday blues. All I wanted is to eat good food and celebrate with good people on my birthday, but the fake holiday is ruining it!

As a preventive measure to ensure I won’t have the worst start to quarter life crisis, I didn’t plan anything this year. Not a single bit. And that’s when the best things started happening:

1. A surprise from the partner

He wasn’t big on surprises. At least, not when we got married, so imagine my reaction when he came to the office with this pretty bouquet. Nina cried. 


2. Celebrating with the family

We didn’t plan to, but we also celebrated with the family (including my mom, siblings, and pamangkins – nephew and niece).

We forgot to take a complete picture because the waiters were too busy rushing orders (see what I mean about the Valentine rush?), but we ate good food and that’s what matters.


We also found this cool nitrogen ice cream placecheck it out here!



3. Surprise from the team

I didn’t expect anything at all, but my team gave me an electric mixer! Right on the peak of my baking addiction! I’M SO HAPPY!


4. And to top it all, I realized what my favorite flower is…

I didn’t know what a stargazer was until I received this. All my life, I always wanted a rose (because it’s a rose), but 1 look at this beauty and I was changed forever.

This flower was not something that I wished for, but it’s more than that.



And that’s me. Officially done with “intern-ing” my 25th year. A little bit braver, more patient and *definitely* smarter than I was before, I am now ready for the big things. 


To officially mark this acceptance, I’m officially creating my own Facebook blog page.

Click and follow:

Thank you for bearing with me through the past weeks. I’m super excited to share more stories with you. Ask me something in the comments? 🙂

Enjoy life. Cheers!


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  3. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    Awww ang sweet ni hubby, nag effort talaga. Anyway, you’re so young! Only 25, grabe. I wish I’m 25 now, haha. Belated happy birthday. And yes, Valentine’s day is a fake celebration. Your birthday is a real one. 🙂

    22 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Minsan lang siya ganyan so dinama ko talaga. Haha! Thanks for visiting 🙂

      22 . Mar . 2016
  4. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Belated Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you had an awesome day.

    22 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thank you! It really was awesome! <3

      22 . Mar . 2016
  5. jennie villanueva

    Belatedhappy birthday! It looks like you really had a blast! Been quite a long time since I celebrated my 25th hahahaha! now when they ask me how old i am i just say ‘the older the better’ hehehe

    21 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Haha that’s a good way of handling it. I’ll use that line too for future reference 🙂

      22 . Mar . 2016
  6. Mommy Levy

    Belated Happy Birthday, you’re so young and I feel old haha. I want to know more about that Nitrogen Ice cream place.

    21 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thank you! I’ll post about it this week! Stay tuned <3

      22 . Mar . 2016
  7. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    Belated happy birthday. My husband’s birthday is February 14 too so instead of him giving me surprises, I’m the one doing it though I love surprising him.

    19 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thank you! And belated happy birthday too to your hubby! 🙂 I love surprising the hubby too. Back when it was just us, I’d also give him gifts during Valentine’s. But now, we have to be smarter about our expenses, so I try to surprise him in other ways instead. 🙂

      25 . Mar . 2016
  8. Maan Laxa

    Belated happy birthday! I know a handful of people who celebrate their birthdays on Valentine’s Day; I just think it’s cool. And aren’t stargazers the prettiest? Have an awesome year ahead, Nina!

    19 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thanks, Maan! I also feel that it’ll be a great year. And yes, stargazers are the prettiest! <3

      25 . Mar . 2016
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  10. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    Belated happy birthday! Everything that happened on your special day was lovely, albeit unexpected. Here’s to more blessings and wonderful opportunities!

    18 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thank you <3 I'm a sucker for good surprises so it was really a lovely day 🙂

      18 . Mar . 2016
  11. dkmcl2

    Very Happy 25th Birthday, Nina! Very ‘cool’ post…..Dave.

    14 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thanks Dave 🙂

      16 . Mar . 2016
  12. msbolin

    Belated happy birthday. Ihihi, I also just had my Facebook page. Btw, cool nitrogen ice cream place. Can’t wait san Sya.

    14 . Mar . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thank you! It’s in Circuit Makati. The place is called Outre. I have to go back first to get more decent pictures. We were in awe that I wasn’t able to get much snaps of the place ?

      16 . Mar . 2016

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