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Listen like the flowers


When I was young, I learned from my mom that flowers bloom more when you talk to them. She has a lot of orchids back then, and she was very diligent in taking care of them. And yes, her methods, whatever they were, made them bloom more. I used to think it was absurd, until today’s events made me reflect.

A colleague celebrated her birthday today. The team’s surprise consisted of her favorites – KFC chicken, dark chocolate cake, and a bag full of spicy things. There were also flowers to decorate the setup. It was nice but wasn’t “fancy”, as somebody would put it.

Out of curiosity, we asked her what her favorite part of the surprise was. She happily pointed to the KFC chicken. Correction – the KFC chicken tower. It was a good thing that somebody remembered what she wants. Good thing, somebody listened. 

img_0490If it’s true that flowers bloom more when talked to, maybe it’s the universe saying that we too will bloom more when we listen more. 


Today’s event was a simple reminder that you will learn more about someone if you really listen to them. It requires attention, processing, and even patience, but the things that you will hear will definitely be worth it.

Do flowers remind you of something else? Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy life. Cheers!


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