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Tassel Garland & Piñata Making x School of Styling PH


Last week, I was very fortunate to be join the Tassel Garland & Piñata Making workshop of School of Styling Philippines, which was held at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center.

It has been awhile since I had “craft time” so I was very excited! It was a great afternoon spent with other Mommy Bloggers.

Basic Photography


We started off by having a Basic Photography course. This was led by Geunice Burgos of Lightkeeper Studios.

“We pride ourselves in capturing moments.” – Geunice

The focus of the workshop is using mobile phones to capture photos, so it was very helpful for me.


She taught us how to get the perfect shot: mind the background, maximize the manual focus, and quality-check photos. She also taught us basic composition:  rule of thirds, negative space, and contrast.


The workshop also brushed on some editing techniques. I am no Photoshop guru, so I was happy that she focused on mobile editing apps such as VSCO, Instagram, and Snapseed.

Geunice encouraged us to explore and play with our own style. And of course, be inspired.

“Follow photographers. This way, your eyes get trained to seeing beautiful things”. – Geunice

Tassel Garland + Piñata Making


The next portion was led by Indy Ycasiano of She Dreams in Ink.

Tassel Garland


Making a tassel garland is easy. You would only need 4 things: Japanese paper, scissors, yarn, and tape. It was been awhile since I last crafted, so I did my first with shaky hands. I got the rhythm eventually and I was able to make 5!


1. Choose a color. Fold it half vertically & horizontally. Cut along one of your folds, creating 2 separate sheets. Divide this into 2 again so you would have 4 segments.

2. Keep the folds at the top of your segment. Cut in strips to create a fringe, leaving 1 inch on top (towards the folded side).

3. Unfold the sheet and roll it along the uncut middle.

4. Twist the rolled piece to make a loop, and secure it with tape.

During the activity, Ms. Indy goes around to check on the participants. The fringes I made were a bit big so it was hard to roll. She gave me one with a smaller fringe from another table so I could try. Using small fringes is way easier.

Piñata Making


The piñata was a notch higher in difficulty because we needed to make a mold. A part of me planned to make a basic shape for ease, but the dreamer in me was thinking otherwise. I decided to make a candy-shaped piñata.

My game face was captured by Lightkeeper Studios:


Since it had a lot of corners, I was struggling making the mold. It was miniature so it is much difficult to make. I was tired by the time I finished the mold. No wonder pre-made piñatas are very expensive!


I looked at the other moms who continue to make theirs. I gave myself an inner pep talk , and went back to mine. I wanted this candy piñata, I will finish it!

Tip for beginners: start with a basic shape with less corners.


1. After the base is stable, make a hole for where you would put the string. Also, create a flap on where you would put the candies. (I didn’t make the candy hole for mine since I’m just planning to display it.

2. Cover your mold with the paper. This way, it creates a solid background so you wouldn’t see bits of tape here and there. Since Japanese paper is thin, I covered mine twice.

3. Layer with fringe. Start at the bottom! Also, make sure fringe that you use is small. Mine is a bit big so it doesn’t look that good 🙁 After you’re done adding fringe, make sure to put some on the sides too.

4. Trim the figure afterwards so you can see the shape.

People recognized that mine is candy-shaped, so I was happy that it was recognizable. Making a piñata is easy, but it takes hard work.


During the workshop, there were also refreshments from The Juice Barista and cute cookies from The Little Whisk.

We all gathered for a photo towards the end.


Photo credit: Lightkeeper Studios

We were able to bring home our tassels and piñatas. The son was very excited waving it around. Next time, I’ll make a bigger one!


School of Styling Philippines is a passion project of Em Matias-Sulit and Indy Ycasiano.

It holds workshops to help individuals have an extra source of income. It’s also helpful for moms like me who would prefer to DIY their own parties and save a lot on decors.

Truly, with hard work, anything can be achieved. 

Here are their upcoming workshops for this year:


The workshops are inclusive of:
1. Workshop Materials
2. Basic Photography Workshop by LightKeepers Studio
3. Business Portfolio Making 101 Workshop by EmmSulit
4. School of Styling Bag
5. Certificate of Attendance
6. Workshop Modules
7. Professionally-taken Photos
8. Light Snacks and Refreshments

Learn more by visiting their social media accounts:

Have you tried making your own tassel or piñata? Let me know in the comments! 😉

Enjoy life. Cheers!



  1. Bettina Bacani

    Ohhhh I’ve been reading a lot about School of Styling! Their events look like so much fun!! I hope to join one of their workshops in the near future! 🙂

    25 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      They have an upcoming one about bouquet making. Do check them out on FB for more details 🙂

      27 . Apr . 2016
  2. Cai Dominguez

    Woooww! Basic photography is something to look forward. I don’t have any idea about piñata but it looks like not easy to create. At least for someone like me who is not creative? Did you make that circle which look like doughnut? It looks so yummy! Only I could eat that paper hahaha 🙂

    16 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Creating a piñata needs work. It made me realize why they are expensive. Everyone has their creative side, it’s just a matter of finding it 😉

      The one that looks like a doughnut was a display. I WISH I had skills and patience to do that. It’s very nice, isn’t it? 🙂

      27 . Apr . 2016
  3. Postcard Pretty

    I adore all things DIY, these are great and simple thing to do to decorate a party! And it never fails to perk up any room too.

    12 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Super true! I’d love to dress up our room in tassels, but my hubby might not like it because it’s too girly. Haha!

      27 . Apr . 2016
  4. kareen liez datoy (@blessedliez)

    This is such a fun event! I love all the colors here as well as the DIY projects that you did. Beautiful!

    11 . Apr . 2016
    • ninasogue

      It was super fun! And it’s comforting to know that I learned how to do decors just in case I’d like to DIY my own party. Mommy skills for the win 🙂

      11 . Apr . 2016
  5. Newswire

    The best thing about this post is mobile photography I wish to be there to learn about it, because now we need lots of pictures to upload and for that we must have our own snaps to convey our thoughts and ideas. I loved the do it yourself ideas, I will also try to make one. 🙂

    11 . Apr . 2016
    • ninasogue

      The mobile photography was really helpful. I’m just starting with my blog and I currently do not have funds to buy a good cam. It helped me maximize what I have 🙂

      11 . Apr . 2016
      • Newswire

        start with what you have : ) soon you will get your awesome cam <3

        11 . Apr . 2016
  6. Georgia

    Learning basic photography skills for mobiles is such a helpful one especially as a blogger. I love your piñata and I wouldn’t have been as ambitious and would’ve made something very simple so props to you for making a candy shaped one, it looks amazing! Also thank you for the tassel “how to” I wanted to make these for my daughter’s birthday last year but couldn’t find easy instructions! I will be bookmarking the post for this years celebrations!

    11 . Apr . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thank you! Hope you’ll be able to do it this year 🙂 in case you run into issues, I’d be happy to answer queries 🙂

      11 . Apr . 2016
  7. Arrianne Guzman

    Mobile photography is really an important thing. I’ve attended a mobile photography workshop several years ago and I learned that one of the best cameras you can have is the one in your hands – which is more often than not, a mobile phone. I’m glad to know that cameras in smartphones had greatly improved nowadays! The event looks so fun, btw 🙂

    10 . Apr . 2016
    • ninasogue

      That’s so true! I’m not techy, but one thing that I’m looking for in a phone is really a good camera. I’m happy that the iPhone delivers. It’s been with us for over 2 years now but it still gives great captures 🙂

      11 . Apr . 2016
  8. yogoandcream

    Wow! This is a well-balanced workshop. And I totally agree with Ms. Geunice’s statement which was “Follow photographers. This way, your eyes get trained to seeing beautiful things”. I do it too and I think I’m proving in terms of photography. I just haven’t encountered the rule of negative space and contrast though. Hoping you can share it with us.

    Meanwhile, for the tassel and pinata making, it’s somewhat difficult for me to follow the steps just by words. I don’t know. I just prefer following photos or attending a workshop. Maybe I should try this too. – Me-An

    10 . Apr . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Negative space was about putting blank spaces on photos, which works mostly for minimalists. Contrast is about choosing a background that would make your object pop out 🙂

      I agree, the steps are a bit hard without pictures. I’ll probably do a follow up post with more pictures and better instructions. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      11 . Apr . 2016

    I’d say that for me, the photography even if it is basic is really useful especially for blogging and you are using your own images. A little improvement here and there, especially in composition can make an image truly standout.

    10 . Apr . 2016
    • ninasogue

      That’s true. I never thought that I could create good shots, especially with just a phone cam. After the workshop, it made me feel better that I could maximize my current phone 🙂

      11 . Apr . 2016
  10. msbolin

    I like the color and look of your candy-shaped work! So girly and so refreshing to look at. The basic photography is awesome! Hope you share with us the rule of negative space and contrast. 🙂

    10 . Apr . 2016
    • ninasogue

      Thank you! It is a scene-stealer 🙂

      Negative space is about incorporating blank areas to your shots, which works well for minimalists. Contrast is about choosing a background in contrast to your object to make it pop out 🙂

      11 . Apr . 2016
      • msbolin

        Thanks! Haha. New lessons to apply.

        15 . Apr . 2016

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