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Stopping time for luck


Dennis Brown once said, “the difference between a good day and a bad day is the attitude.”

I’m not a patient person so it’s super easy to tick me off. I recently made a promise to myself to change this. I’m not sure how I’m doing, but I am avoiding wrinkles at all costs.

I was running late this morning on my way to work. You know that moment when you feel like everything that can go wrong will go wrong? It was starting to feel that way, until I remembered what a classmate said years ago.

When things go wrong, I pause for a minute, without moving at all, so my luck catches up.

We were in grade school when I heard that. I had nothing better to do so I tried it out.

There I was, inside the tricycle, staring at one point, focused for as long as I can. I also tried not to breathe, for added effect. When I couldn’t take not breathing anymore, the stoplight turned green. Yes!

The roads were clearer after that. And the usual line of people for my route was almost nonexistent. I found a jeep right away, and I was not late for work.

Kids would say that it was magic. I would say it was clearing my head.


When you feel negative, you tend to zoom in on the bad things in life. But when you feel positive, you’re allowing yourself to see positivity, which translates to more opportunities.

When I changed my mindset this morning, I was able to analyze my situation more, and think of the best decision. I saw the opportunity to ride the jeep, so I was able to quickly take action.

This is my success story for today. Your own opportunity might be waiting for you. All it takes is a change in mindset.

Is there something that bothered you today? How could you have handled it differently? What is something that you can do to remind you to be positive? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


Enjoy life. Cheers!



  1. Richelle Molon

    Oh I super love this entry esp the “I’ll pause so my luck could catch up”. You’re always the pretty yet witty, Nins. Thanks for sharing!

    08 . Jun . 2016
  2. Dominic Barrios

    Interesting! Are you sure you didn’t fall asleep when you closed your eyes and when you opened it, the roads were clear already? jk

    But yeah I agree that taking a time off, breathing deeply can help relieve our frustrations and remove the negativity.
    It also helps me when I pray and do a silent whisper to God.

    31 . May . 2016
  3. Nadine Smith (Scenes From Nadine)

    The mind really is powerful. Your day can be good or bad depending on your mindset. Thanks for the reminder to pause when things are going wrong. How we react to situations really make a difference 🙂

    26 . May . 2016
  4. Berlin

    Murphy’s Law of gravity. I used to believe on that until today. Why not pause so luck could catch up. Such a nice and wise trick. Thanks this!

    26 . May . 2016
  5. Alison

    I like thinking that way. That quote is a great way to kind of take a breath and start over in a bad situation. I love that!

    26 . May . 2016
  6. Maria

    I felt that too, since I’m not that patient person. The quote is quite inspirational and really helpful. Your piece of advice is helpful to anyone who’s been stressed out or thinking that the universe is against them.

    26 . May . 2016
  7. Jessica

    Mind over matter and find a moment to reflect. It does change your emotions heavily and usually lead to better decision making 🙂

    26 . May . 2016
  8. Mikee

    Yes, it is true that it is on the attitude towards things that makes the difference. I was also guilty of thinking too much of what could be wrong. But then, I realized these things. And yeah, it makes me more focus on a bigger perspective and keep the learnings on the way. Good for you.

    25 . May . 2016
  9. bluedreamer27

    I definitely agree with you.. it’s all mind over matter thing.. knowing that this person gave you such great advice and he/she was just in great school, must have a great wisdom and with such wonderful mind set I wonder how great his/her life is now.

    25 . May . 2016
  10. Maaya Legaspi

    we’re the same. my temper is very short and sometimes lose my cool so easily. it’s nice to know that you’re doing something to overcome that negative feelz. because as what they said, life is too short to remain sad. 🙂

    25 . May . 2016
  11. Stella the Travelerette

    I think this is good advice. I find when I burst out in fear or anger, bad things always happen. It’s important to take a pause before doing anything rash. Sometimes that moment to clear your head is all you need!

    25 . May . 2016
  12. Eunis De Guzman

    Time is so precious and I agree with your classmate’s thought. When things goes wrong don’t bother looking back of what happened. Just move forward and make the things out of it. We learned from our experiences.

    24 . May . 2016
  13. heidi

    That quote is so awesome. What you put out to the universe, you tend to get back, you are totally right.

    24 . May . 2016

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