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Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant in SM MOA


Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant is a recent family discovery. The little one is now a picky eater. Because of this, we always try to eat with soup. So, when we were in SM Mall of Asia, we made it a point to eat somewhere with soup, and we chose this!

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (9)

I SUPER love noodles. And lucky for me, the little one does too!

The Food

The first thing we ordered was ramen. They had 2 sizes: Okii & Godzilla. We’re trying to diet, so we only got an Okii. They also have 3 choices for the soup base: shio (salt) , shoyu (soy sauce), miso. They recommended the miso since it was their best seller, but I decided to play safe with shio-based Chashu Ramen (Seasoned Pork). I was thinking on how to feed the little one so I had the most basic and safest option.

The ingredients were cooked perfectly, and the taste is just right. I specifically liked the contrasting crunch in the vegetables versus the softness of the meat. The little one ate a lot of this – a proof that the food was good!

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (4)

Chashu Ramen (Okii size) – Php 210

We also ordered a Kani Salad. It turned out different from what we expected since the kani (crabstick) is minced.

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (5)

Kani salad – Php 195

The sauce is also different from what we expected. We were expecting a Japanese mayo (with wasabi) combo, but they serve theirs with Asian sauce, which is a bit sweet since it’s made of fruit. This was a miss for us as we should’ve inquired about the salad first.

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (6)

Kani salad’s Asian sauce

I cannot eat in a Japanese restaurant without ordering sashimi. We ordered our usuals – salmon & uni (sea urchin). We were surprised that for the price, the servings were actually generous. It was also very, very fresh. The salmon sashimi was buttery and it melts in your mouth. Thinking about it makes me crave again!

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (8)

Uni Sashimi – Php 250

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (7)

Salmon Sahimi – Php 310

The ambiance

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (3)

The place looks a bit intimidating for me from the outside. But when we checked out the menu, we realized that it wasn’t an expensive place so we decided to try it out.

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (2)

I love this mural because it made the place really cozy.

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant (1)

They also have a 2nd floor. I would’ve preferred to stay there, but heights are not child-friendly.

The little one enjoyed his stay here. I’m pretty sure the crew enjoyed looking at him too – they kept on smiling at him!

What I liked

  • Everything was delicious.
  • Fresh ingredients – the sashimi was a winner!
  • Value for money. It’s reasonably-priced compared to other Japanese restaurants.
  • It’s cozy, or in my own term, is very chill.

We were expecting a different kind of kani salad, but other than that, no other misses for this place.

Am I eating here again? YES!

Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant offers a lot of other dishes that I would really want to try. I heard they serve humongous ebi tempura (fried shrimp in batter). And I would definitely like to try their miso-based ramen.

What do you think of Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant? Let me know in the comments. 😉

Enjoy life. Cheers!


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  • Location: Ground Floor, North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City.
  • Other branches: Trinoma Mall, North Triangle, Quezon City & A.Venue Mall, Poblacion, Makati City

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  1. Mhaan a

    Hubby and I also loves ramen but haven’t tried feeding them to our little one yet. We normally feed him fruits like mango which his favorite when we dine in a Japanese resto. I think I saw Oki Oki in Trinoma pero di pa namin nasusubukan. Maitry nga next time.

    06 . May . 2016
  2. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I’ve seen Oki Oki Japanese Restaurant but I’ve always wondered if their food is good.

    04 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      We would’ve passed by too but we saw that their prices are cheaper than the typical resto. I’m glad we were able to try it out 🙂

      04 . May . 2016
  3. Neri Ann

    I don’t go to MOA that much but I know there are a lot of resto options there. I would definitely go for the kani salad with the japanese mayo of course.

    03 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Hubby loves kani salad, though he wants one with the wasabi dressing. He loves everything with wasabi. :))

      03 . May . 2016
  4. Rowena Wendy Lei

    Their ramen is pretty cheap!

    03 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      It is! Their ramen is pretty basic though, but their sashimi is super fresh and cheap compared to others 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  5. Celin Hiwatig Mendoza

    I seldom eat in Japanese restaurants. Sad to say I’m not a fan. But my husband is! Will tell this to him pag nadapaan ng MOA =) Btw, the Kani salad is love.

    03 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      kani is good on everything! even eaten on its own. Hihi

      03 . May . 2016
  6. Berlin

    I appreciated Japanese food only about three years ago when we had our business meeting in a Japanese restaurant. Ihihi. Used to be afraid of eating anything uncooked as when I tried during my first pregnancy at my first trimester, I just turned eveything to waste. But now, they are my favorites!

    02 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      I super love Jap food because of my mom. I only discovered uni sashimi recently because of the hubby. I super loved it since then 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  7. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    We used to frequent MoA when I was still single and this was one of the newly opened restaurants then. I wasn’t able to try it though. Haven’t also till now. Good to hear that it’s good. I haven’t tried uni sashimi but I do love salmon sashimi!

    02 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      I’d love to hear your feedback once you tried this out 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  8. Sarah Tirona

    wow, pretty affordable for good sashimi and it looks really fresh in the photos as well 🙂

    02 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Thanks Sarah! Hubby loves sashimi, so it’s a staple order. Hihi

      03 . May . 2016
  9. Janice

    I LOVE Japanese food and especially love sashimi. Unfortunately, I can’t have some now that I’m pregnant. But I’ll surely try this place out once I can start eating sashimi again. 🙂

    01 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Oh, that’s also something that I missed when I got preggy before. Better stay away from Jap restos to avoid temptation 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  10. Liz A

    I always pass by this restaurant whenever I go to SM MOA. Didn’t really thought that they would serve great food. Would have to try this with the gang soon.

    30 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Thanks Liz! Would love to hear how it turns out 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  11. juvy ann

    Wonderful share. Me and hubby are always on the look out of places to eat. Will put Oki Oki in my books. The food looks delicious and prices seems reasonable.

    30 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Hope you get to try it Juvy! Let me know what you think 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  12. Jerzee Benavente

    Looks very tempting to try. I’m also a fan of ramen and I love tempura. But, I can’t eat sashimi. Talo ako ng lasa. Lol!

    29 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Their bestseller is actually their ebi tempura. I’ll try it out next time I go here 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  13. Kim @ Mom On Duty

    This looks like a new resto? I don’t remember seeing this there (or it’s been a while since I’ve been to MOA lol). My husband loves ramen so we’re definitely trying this out too!

    29 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      I’m not sure. I only saw this that time, and it’s been awhile since we’ve been here din. Hihi. Hope you get to like this 🙂

      03 . May . 2016
  14. Michelle

    I am missing ramen! But the weather is too hot for a ramen. The Oki Oki Resto price are cheaper than those of the other hyped/mainstream japanese restaurants that offers ramen. We will try this resto maybe on June. 🙂

    29 . Apr . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      The weather is not suitable for ramen nga. Let me know once you tried it na 🙂

      03 . May . 2016

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