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Nailaholics Pampering Experience


Raise your hand if you need to feel pampered!

It is very tiring to raise an active toddler. Add a corporate job to the mix, and I can’t help but raise the white flag sometimes. Good thing, Nailaholics invited me for a pampering session. I was really stressed and tired, I couldn’t help but say yes!


I decided to go to Nailaholics Glorietta branch. It was pretty packed when I arrived, but I was received well. While waiting for my turn, I can’t help but appreciate the relaxing vibe of their Hamptons-themed interior. I love the blue and green play of colors!

Pampering in progress


I chose to have a mani, pedi, and foot spa. They were very careful yet efficient. They would also constantly check on me if I was comfortable. At one point, they even handed me another pillow so I could lean more comfortably. Even if the branch was full, I didn’t feel like they were rushing me at all.


Happy nails and feet!


They have selections for organic / vegan nail polish, which is safe for pregnant women and kids.


Do you think this color is pretty?


Sit still look pretty 🙂

I felt really pampered during the entire session. Ms. Jo and Ms. Tess of Nailaholics Glorietta branch really did a great job, I’m pretty sure I’ll go visit their branch again soon.

Nailaholics x #NationalPamperingDay


Are you craving for a pampering sesh of your own? Mark October 17 on your calendars, because from 10AM to 12 noon, you can head over to any Nailaholics branch nationwide, and get a FREE manicure with a stress-relieving hand massage!

As Nailaholics celebrates and takes part in the country’s first ever #NationalPamperingDay, the brand hopes to remind everyone that it’s okay to take some time for yourself and indulge. Take it from me, you deserve it!

“We get that,” says Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head. “And it’s exactly why we we’re celebrating National Pampering Day. We want to give people who need a break a quick escape where they won’t have anything to worry about. So be sure that you head over to your nearest Nailaholics branch to get pampered for free.”

For more details about the #NationalPamperingDay event, you may visit:

Nailaholics FB Page: Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa

Nailaholics Instagram: _nailaholics

Nailaholics Twitter: Nail-a-holics

Are you excited for #NationalPamperingDay? Who are you bringing with you?

Enjoy life. Cheers!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are mine.




  1. Nya

    Wow you’re so lucky to have had the chance to be pampered in that day 🙂 I admit I do need to be pampered as well. I’m going to go for a massage next week!

    13 . Oct . 2016
  2. Yan

    Haaay manipedi-footspa is my guilty pleasure (plus full body massages). Lucky you to get free service! The nailaholics near my place is often packed, I’m always forced to try the other salons haha.

    13 . Oct . 2016
  3. Veronica

    The color of this nail polish is so cute and feminine! I am doing my mani today so now I am really thinking of this color. Very feminine and tender.

    12 . Oct . 2016
  4. Kris

    Did you just say FREE?! Haha! I woukd totally mark my calendar and grab the opportunity. Thanks for sharing and letting us know above the giveaway. A free pampering day is just sonething anyone couldn’t resist.:)

    11 . Oct . 2016
  5. Allison

    I literally just got a mani pedi today. I go every fortnight. I also work in the corporate world and I think it’s so important to have your nails looking good. I live a French mani though and don’t get colour very often. Looks like nailaholics really looked after you.

    11 . Oct . 2016
  6. Michi

    Wow! May National Pampering Day pala. Free manicure and hand massage at Nailaholics. What a nice way to treat customers, I’m sure there will be long lines on October 17. Once in a blue moon lang ko magpamanicure or pedicure, mas prefer ko wala nail polish. 🙂

    11 . Oct . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Hi Michi! I also prefer no nail polish sometimes – easier to maintain. Triny ko lang ung may color this time because the shade looks sweet. <3

      11 . Oct . 2016
  7. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    I truly enjoy reading your pampering experience. I never had such kind of comfort. This position made me think and understand about the girl stuff. You’re adorable, I must sound out!

    11 . Oct . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Thank you! <3 You should try it out some time. I know guys who tried getting a foot spa and enjoyed it. The massage after is a good one! 🙂

      11 . Oct . 2016

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