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My MBP Gift Swap Experience


Christmas is my favorite time of the year! Not only do I get to spend more time with the family, but I also get to surprise my loved ones with gifts.

This Christmas is extra special for me because I joined the MBP Gift Swap. It’s like an exchange gift, but we get to exchange with fellow members of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines group – some of which we haven’t met yet. It was very exciting since we didn’t know who picked us, not until we receive the gift. 

It took me some time to think of the best gift to represent my blog, but I eventually decided on giving Arge, my gift swap partner, a Balanced Life Planner. I haven’t met her yet so I wasn’t sure what to give her at first. So, when the gift finally reached her, I’m very happy that she got to appreciate it. She said that she liked that the planner because of the sections and Bible verses. She also shared a funny story about her experience. Read about it here!


As for the gift I received, I got mine from Madz, who I’ve already met in an event before. I was very new in the blogosphere back then, so I was really shy. She’s nice and would share a lot of stories, so she made me feel really comfortable. After that, we’d exchange messages every now and then about blog and mommy topics, and she’s very active in informing me about blogging opportunities.

When I joined the gift swap, I gave my office address (and totally forgot that I did) so I was surprised when the reception told me I had a delivery. When I opened the package, I got so excited since it contained a lovely journal with a crochet coffee sleeve. I was thrilled when I read the note and found out it was from Madz. I love writing and drinking coffee, and she also made the coffee sleeve herself!

I’ve been following her blog for some time now. I remember her post about All Soul’s Day, and how it made me reflect about my life. I’ve also been a fan of her since I found out that she’s a crochet enthusiast. She made a really cool Hello Kitty beanie last month for a Halloween event! I’ve been wanting to try out crochet for a long time, but it’s still in the bucket list. For now, the coffee sleeve will be an inspiration. Some day, I’d be as cool as her, and I’d be able to make cool beanies too.

MBP Gift Swap

The MBP gift swap was a very fun experience for me. Thinking of a gift made me really excited about the holidays. I also got to “meet” a new blog friend, which I really hope to see in person soon. Lastly, it made me realize the power of the MBP community to bring mommy bloggers closer together. I haven’t met most of the moms in the community, but I realized that since a lot of us have things and interests in common, it is easier to connect with them.

Reading through each other’s blogs made us know a little bit about each other, to the point that it made us feel that we’re connected even if we haven’t met. I feel very happy to be part of a community that not only gives us a lot of blogging opportunities, but also makes me feel connected to other moms.

Thank you MBP for this activity and thank you to our generous brand sponsors for supporting our Christmas activity!

MBP Gift Swap Sponsors

Lorenzana Lorins Patis and Lorins Bagoong Alamang Guisado
myPhone watch
VillaDelConte chocolates
Poetry Magnets


Enjoy life. Cheers!



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