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Make-up workshop by Mamanee


I’ve always wanted to learn how to put on make-up. Frankly, I enjoy buying different make-up products, and this year, I told myself I’d study it.

Came December, I still haven’t attended a class or a workshop! I was ready to defer my dream for next year until I found out that Marie of Mamanee’s Nest will be conducting one. Of course, the very eager me signed up!


The class was an intimate gathering of 5. Marie told us that it was her first time to conduct one, so she wants to keep the group small at first.

We answered a survey prior to the class, and I was very honest that I don’t really use make-up because I don’t know how. She was very nice and assured me that it despite it, she’ll do her best to help me throughout the class.

We were given handouts and mirrors at the beginning of the workshop. The handouts were really helpful for me since I’m able to jot down notes as we went through.


For a Basic Makeup class, we touched on the following topics:

  • How to choose a skincare routine
  • How to choose the right make-up for your skin
  • Basic Make-up Skills
  • Make-up brushes

I’m so happy that with my current knowledge, I’m pretty much doing a good job when it comes to skin care. We also discussed the sequence of putting on make-up, and the different brushes as we got along. I didn’t know that the type of brush would make a huge difference! Now I know that I should really invest 0n a set.
Next came the eyes part, which was really a struggle for me. Kilay and eyeshadow goals are not my cup of tea, but Marie guided us as we went through each of the step. 15785693_1221323257975697_1605902256_o

Blush and lipstick were pretty easy for me since I’m already familiar with those, but one thing that is really helpful in this class is that we touched how to choose the best shade for our skin tone. I am fair-skinned so I usually hear people say that anything would suit me. Now, I know that it doesn’t work that way! I also learned that there are different ways of putting on a blush depending on your face shape. I never thought it mattered!

Since I’m still starting to build my make-up kit, I didn’t have enough tools. Marie was very nice to lend us a couple. I also love how she gives opinions on which products work for her.

And here’s my take on the no make-up make-up!

Marie helped me do some parts, but it’s mostly done by me. I never thought I could do this. Do you like my look?15748986_1221323261309030_1620933631_o

15785586_1221323297975693_2115292047_oClass picture!

15748070_1221375591303797_541931504_oFreebies from Marie <3

For some moms like me, putting on make-up is the least of our priorities…plus the added obstacle of not knowing what to do or where to start. However, I think we can all agree that looking good should be part of our priorities, since looking good makes you feel good, right?


Putting on make-up doesn’t need to be hard. It shouldn’t be overwhelming as well.
I’m very thankful that I got a chance to attend Marie’s workshop. Despite being very talented, she’s not intimidating at all. Given a chance, I’d definitely sign up for her follow-up classes. Especially for newbies like me, it was a great and really helpful session.

Enjoy life. Cheers!




  1. Angelie Namindang

    So good you Mamanee. Kasi tinuro mo sa iba kung anu yun alam mo. Hope i can join next time 🙂 haha kasi gusto ko rin matuto.

    05 . Jan . 2017
  2. nichelle abawag

    Parang hindi pa sya mommy ? honestly nakaka inlobe tlga make ups pero tulad nya hindi ko rin alam pano mag make up based on skin type or watsoever basta kung ano lang meron ako yun oang ginagamit ko. Haha sa lipstick naman kung ano lang di feel kong gamitin yun ang gagamitin ko ? Sobra tlga nakakainspire talaga bawat post ni Mamanee kahit di ko afford bilhin mga make ups na gusto ko masaya na ko makapanood ng video tutorial nya. Atleast may matutunan man lang. Hope someday mai-apply ko din sa sarili ko ?

    05 . Jan . 2017

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