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Losing myself


I have been on hiatus for about 2 weeks due to an opportunity that I wanted to devote my energy to. It’s almost over and I can’t wait to share details about it – revealing it soon!

So to break the silence, sharing a bit of my feels recently. Honestly, I have been losing myself.

Losing myself

I have been losing myself …looking for a pair of slippers. I try to put it on the same spot every time, but as if by magic, they always disappear.

We live in an antique house, so I almost always want to blame spirits about it. But then, I discovered something: someone has been very diligent in cleaning up.


I never put my slippers in this area, but Santi, upon seeing the boxes of shoes, decided that this is the right place to keep it.


Who can get mad with that smile?


Santi is turning 2 years old this August, and he is growing up to be one smart toddler. He is growing up so fast!

I know I’d still have a lot of “losing myself” moments as a parent, but if it is for his benefit, by all means, I’m willing to lose myself…over and over again.

Do you have funny toddler stories that you want to share? Spread positive vibes and let me know in the comments. 😉


Enjoy life. Cheers!


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  1. berlin maynigo

    Hahahha. And by the time he gets a little naughtier, he would put his toys inside your bag. And you would wonder why ang bigat ng bag mo only to find out andun ung building blocks nya sa loob. Also, you will find toys everywhere, even inside the ref. Hahaha.

    I am missing those moments na.

    16 . Jun . 2016
    • Kati Balayan

      Haha, sobrang relate! Just the other day, while rummaging for a pen, I was able to pull out several lego pieces, a toy pan and yellow power ranger. Hindi napigilan ni ate bank teller matawa 😀

      16 . Jun . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      I went to work once…with a diaper in my bag. Good thing it wasn’t a used one! 🙂

      06 . Oct . 2016

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