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Lavender is for unicorns


Thursdays are a sign that it’s just 1  more day before the weekend. By this time, I’m already tired of planning for my outfits so I just grab something from my “safe stash“, which by default means a random top and an office skirt. Will you ever go wrong with that combination?

It’s still a bit cold here in Manila, so I’m maximizing wearing all of my sweaters. I had a forecast that today will be busy at work so I decided to wear one of my favorite sweaters!


IMG_0526 (2)

The reason why this top became my favorite is a childish one. It has been with me for awhile. I used to skip wearing it because I’m not sure if it will look good on me, but I realized that the color reminds me of unicorns… and rainbows, cotton candies, and other good things in life. Thinking of that puts me in a good mood so it’s the perfect pick-me-upper for a challenging day

.IMG_0525 (2)


And here’s a closeup of some of the embellishments. It’s subtle and doesn’t scream “look at me!” so I like it. 🙂

IMG_0523 (3)


And that’s the story of this sweater. Do you also have outfits that put you in a good mood? I’d love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments! 😉


Enjoy life. Cheers!


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