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Discovering Carabella Pure Collagen


I’ve been obsessed with skin care ever since I hit my 25th year. When I started noticing imperfections on my skin, I’ve been on the lookout not only for the most effective product, but also the wisest spend for my money. Good thing, I discovered Carabella Pure Collagen.

Last September 24, 2016, I attended the product launch of Carabella at the Museum Café in Makati. Together with other beauty and lifestyle bloggers, we were not only able to discover what the brand is about, but we also got first dibs on the different products that they offer.


Discovering Carabella

Carabella is from the Spanish word Cara which means “face” and Italian word Bella which means “beautiful”. The brand aims to be known for their reliability and effectivity in helping Filipinas achieve beautiful, naturally-fair skin, at a more consumer-friendly price.


Carabella differentiates themselves from other skin care brands by bringing in the best ingredient from Japan, while utilizing Filipino ingenuity and technology. All Carabella products, except for the best-selling Belleieshua Pure Collagen Supplement Drink, are made locally in the Philippines.

Carabella Pure Collagen Products

Using the purest form of Collagen as its main ingredient, Carabella offers a diverse line of products, including: Pure Collagen Soap with Kojic Acid, Pure Collagen Soap with Glutathione, Pure Collagen Sunblock Foundation, Pure Collagen Cream to Powder, Pure Collagen Cream with Elastin and Alpha Arbutin, Pure Collagen Day Lotion, and many more.

I’ve just started using their products, and since they’ve promised that the effect will be noticeable in 10 days, I’ll be posting a review soon. Watch out!


In just a year of operations, Carabella products are now available in major cities nationwide, through its beauty agents and direct sellers. Alternatively, their products are also available online either through the Carabella online shop or through Lazada.

Are you interested in trying Carabella products too? Which product in particular? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy life. Cheers!


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  1. Carola

    I love skin care as well! I enjoy trying different ones a lot. I usually also love the seaweed night creme of Mario Badescu. Carabella sounds very nice. I would love to try. You are so lucky to be at the launch! If i’d try a product. I would start with Pure Collagen Day Lotion.

    18 . Oct . 2016

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