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New Look for 2018?


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.*

Happy 2018 everyone! I know, I am a month delayed in greeting, but I’ve been busy recently with some exciting life experiences – details I will be sharing soon. Anyway, I know we are still enjoying the cold February, but days and weeks seem to pass so fast that I can’t help to fast forward to the summer! And we all know what summer looks like here in the Philippines – beach, fun, and music festivals here and there!

One thing I really like about events is that I get to dress up. Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed events in our school because I can wear costumes. I think it was by the influence of my mom, which has been very support (should I say pushy at that time?) to dress us up in the best of her abilities.

Anyway, back to music festivals! *Confession time* I’ve never attended one even though I used to live near an events place where this is usually held. And my aim for this year – to actually attend one! As an added motivator, I’m already thinking of my outfit *attempts not to squeal*.

Google has some really cool ideas (when did it not have?). But is it really a requirement to have long, pretty hair? I…have commitment issues when it comes to styling my hair so I usually wear it at medium-length. But hairstyles could make or break an outfit, right? Good thing, I discovered Divatress!

Divatress is a leading online site that sells wigs and hair care products. One look at the site, I can’t help but admire their wig collections – plus think of all the outfits that go with them!

Here are some of my favorites for their Milky Way Hair:

Milk Way Hair 1

Milk Way Hair 2

Milk Way Hair 3


Not only do they look pretty, but some of them are pretty affordable too! Dreams do come true!

I know it’s still a few months away, but I really can’t wait for my first music festival. I’m sure I’ll rock my outfit, from head to toe. And if ever I won’t be able to grow my hair until then, good thing I found Divatress!

What do you think about Divatress? Have you found your favorite styles? Share them in the comments! 😊