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Cafe Noriter @ Taft Manila


“Noriter” means playground in Korean. This is very fitting for this cafe because of their cute interior and cozy ambiance.

What makes Cafe Noriter different from other cafes is that instead of the usual tables and chairs, they also have platforms / booths with mats and pillows. That said, it has been my favorite hangout place since college because of the very “chill” vibe.

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Cafe Noriter is just in front of DLSU-Manila. Ironically, I invited my Atenean friend to hangout here. It’s been awhile since I’ve went here (don’t guess my batch!), so I really missed the place.

The food

We ordered my college-usual, which was their honey bread and Cookies & Cream Frap:

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Honey Bread – Php 140
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Cookies & Cream Frap – Php 145

The warm toast and the sweetness of the honey bread would have been perfectly paired with a cup coffee. Too bad, I was trying to skimp my caffeine intake. And it was so hot outside, I needed a milkshake! Good thing, their Cookies & Cream Frap still tastes as good as I remember it.

The ambiance

There are doodles, artworks, and notes around the cafe – exactly how my room would look like if only I had the freedom to design it.

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The booths makes it so cozy because you can sit whichever way you want.

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In case you would like to sit down though, normal tables and chairs are also available in the café.

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The lights are also dim, just the way I like it. It gives it a bit of a dramatic feel. If you’re planning to read a book though, better stay in the area near the light.

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Gloria and me 🙂

We had so much fun catching up that we didn’t realize how much time we’ve spent. It was really a great afternoon!

I’m so happy that Gloria also liked Cafe Noriter. And she told me that they didn’t have a place like this in Ateneo. WIN.

What I liked

  • Very cozy setup
  • Interior is super cute.
  • Honey bread is my favorite

I have never tried their other food selections, but they also offer sandwiches, cakes, and desserts. I’ll try this out on the next visit.

Am I going back here? Yes! Cafe Noriter is still as cute as how I recalled it. Going back to this cafe is just like going back home. This cozy feel makes it one of my favorite cafes still.

What do you think about Cafe Noriter? Let me know in the comments! 😉

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Enjoy life. Cheers!



  • Location: Second Floor, Reyes Building, Estrada Street, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
  • Other branches: (02) 516-1430

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  1. Mommy Anna

    The place is cozy and nice, it’s too far from us lang

    23 . May . 2016
  2. Maria

    OMG! Fellow green-blood! Yay! HAHAHA! Do you miss the clean floors and walls? I mean the ones without the vandals or scribbles? 😀

    17 . May . 2016
  3. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    The place looks cozy and “cool”. I’m curious about the other things in their menu

    11 . May . 2016
  4. Sam

    I’ve heard about this store since college. But I haven’t tried it yet. I hope to do so asap!

    07 . May . 2016
  5. Klaudia's Corner

    Hm , what a sweet location to go to . I can imagine , time spent in there just flies by . So much to look at and to discover . No wonder , you loved going there since college . Nice post , enjoyed that !

    07 . May . 2016
  6. Celerhina Aubrey

    Ay nakapasok na ko dito. Pasok lang kasi di kami kumain coz yung mga kasama ko wanted somethings else. But I must drop by again one of these days. Ang ganda kasi talaga.

    07 . May . 2016
  7. Pinknomenal

    I attended St. Scho Manila from Grade School to College but have never heard of this place. I could have done a lot of my after school sessions here! Great place.

    06 . May . 2016
  8. Michelle

    I love how cozy this place is! Ang cool ng interior and very relaxing. Masarap tambayan at magblog! Haha 😀

    06 . May . 2016
  9. Maan

    ZOMG I love the style of the booths! It reminds me of a couple of local places. Perfect HOHOL cafe!

    06 . May . 2016
  10. Janice

    I wish we had this already back when I was still in DLSU. That was a really long time ago already though. Back then there weren’t a lot of cafes surrounding the area yet.

    06 . May . 2016
  11. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    It’s been a long time since I’ve set foot in Taft. A lot has changed since my college days. Including this nice cafe. It looks so cozy and that honey bread looks so tempting!

    06 . May . 2016
  12. Rowena Wendy Lei

    Looks really cozy but far from me sadly….

    06 . May . 2016
  13. bluedreamer27

    I really love the concept of this shop.. it is so neat and cozy and it’s very relaxing too. Definitely a kind of place you should go if ever you need time to pamper ^_^

    06 . May . 2016
  14. Berlin

    Going back to where we used to eat brings back memories. And before you knew it, youve beem flashing that silly smile and others were just so clueless and might think you’re a retard. But seriously, i like the cafes interiors. I like the spacing of the tables and chairs- not to crowded. Will I visit the place? Yes, I will. I trust you when you said that honey bread is a favorire. Would love to try it and be my favorite, too.

    05 . May . 2016
  15. Neri Ann

    Ang cute ng mga cafes ngaun noh? Pagandahan ng interiors. I like the concept na you feel comfortable when you sit and sip your drinks.

    05 . May . 2016
  16. Aika Loraine

    cute concept. I like going to themed cafes. my favorite is caffera and amo yamie crib. are there a lot of people dining? do they serve pasta?

    05 . May . 2016
  17. Alison

    I love when I can go back to some place with a good memory and it still tastes as good as I remember! That honey bread and drink looked so good!

    05 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      They are! Though next time I visit, I should really try their other menu options 🙂

      05 . May . 2016
  18. Eunis De Guzman

    I would love to try those sweeties. Been a tooth fairy since birth hihi, I also love their interior decoration. So posh yet a classy one. That place is good choice of having some bonding moments with a friend.

    04 . May . 2016
  19. heidi

    To be honest any place that serves coffee is a good place to check out! I loved the relaxed look of it though, like somewhere you wanted to spend time. Yes to the honey bread.

    04 . May . 2016
  20. Stella @ Travelerette

    I love the decor in the cafe! I’m obsessed with anything to do with cats. And that honey bread looks delicious! I’ve tried something similar home in NYC but it’s not the same. Thanks for the suggestions!

    04 . May . 2016

    Looks like a very nice cafe. I agree with you on the interior decoration. It is unique. Being near DLSU though, I wonder… I think it would always be full. Free loaders is gonna be an issue. Hehehe.

    04 . May . 2016
    • Nina Sogue

      Lol @ free loaders. Haha. It was always full during school days back in my days. Good thing we chanced upon this on a weekend and some of the booths are open 🙂

      05 . May . 2016

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