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7 things I LAB about Bubba Lab


I enjoyed science back when I was still studying, so Bubba Lab was very interesting for me. It is a laboratory-themed cafe and one step in it made me remember my school days. Good thing, this time, it’s not graded!

Bubba” is their slang term for bubbles. It was very interesting to know that the café is actually owned by a chemist. But in addition to that cool fact, below are 7 reasons why I “LAB” Bubba Lab. (See what I did there? LOL.)

1. The laboratory theme!

I enjoyed science when I was a kid, so imagine my joy when I stepped into this café. The laboratory setup is very cool – they serve drinks in beakers (see #2)!

Bubba Lab (12)

Their menu is also in a periodic table form, but the difference is you don’t have to memorize this. YEY!

Bubba Lab (4)

2. They offer affordable treats.

There are a lot of options that you can buy for less than Php 100.

Bubba Lab (23)
Crinkly Fries (flavored) – Php 60
Bubba Lab (17)
S’mores Milk Tea frost – Php 85 (medium) & Php 95 (large)
Bubba Lab (19)
Almond Milk Tea – Php 80 (Medium) & Php 90 (Large)

They also have offers that you can share, like this tower of appetizers!

Bubba Lab (21)
Super Nova – Php 225

3. They MAKE the best winter melon drink.

I’m a big fan of winter melon so I always try it out in different stores. Bubba Lab makes the best one.

The frost on top is very generous. They call it Fuzzy Melon. Make sure to try it out!

Bubba Lab (18)
Fuzzy Melon Tea Frost – Php 85  (Medium) & Php 95 (Large)


4. Their red velvet grid cake is the BOMB.

The flavors are well balanced. I was able to try it out with their Nutella sauce. Nothing ever goes wrong with Nutella!

Bubba Lab (24)
Red Velvet Grid Cake – Php 65

5. Two words: OPEN MIC.

They hold open mic nights on weekends, so you can either sing or do spoken words. Customers can sign up if they want to.

TIP: Bring your crush and let him / her swoon over your talent. This is your chance!

Bubba Lab (9)

6. It has a very young vibe.

The millennial, or rather, the TITA in me felt very refreshed when I stayed in the café. I guess its coolness rubbed in?

I feel very hip after my stay. (Do they still say that these days?)

I noticed that most of those who hangout here are also kids, so…it made me belong? Haha!

Bubba Lab (15)

7. They offer 100% Philippine grown coffee beans.

Need I say more? Support local, you guys!

Bubba Lab (13)
Cool facts about Bubba Lab


Bubba Lab Promo

Bubba Lab has an ongoing tie-up with the Book Museum called “Books + Food”.

Books + Food Promo

This means when you visit the Book Museum, you get 10% discount in Bubba Lab!

You can also find some of the books from the Book Museum in their shelf. Yes, you can actually read the books! Promo is only until June 19, 2016 so make sure to visit!

I was able to visit their Marikina Heights branch, but there are other 2 branches you can check out (link below). With the ongoing struggles of adulthood, it was very refreshing to experience Bubba Lab. I can’t wait to try their other offerings, there’s just too many to choose from!


What do you think about Bubba Lab? Let me know in the comments! 😉


Enjoy life. Cheers!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are mine.

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  1. edel

    Keeping this cafe in mind should we happen to pass by that area. Interesting theme for a cafe. 🙂

    21 . May . 2016
  2. Rowena Wendy Lei

    Wow those drinks look really interesting! I want to try!

    20 . May . 2016
  3. sabine

    This looks so yummy! I love the food and the pictures make me hungry. Would be good for a cosy time with friends or family. xo Sabine

    20 . May . 2016
  4. Kim @ Mom On Duty

    This is so cool! I’ve recently started taking my little girl on “dates” and this is definitely something she’d be so thrilled to see.

    20 . May . 2016
  5. Kati Allan-Balayan

    I’m such a geek and I love Chemisty! haha this is heaven to me!

    20 . May . 2016
  6. Mommy Levy

    I wish they will soon have a branch here in the South area. Their food and drinks looks yum

    19 . May . 2016
  7. Joy

    Ooh! Awesome! I love Science subjects, specially Biology and Chemistry. And I love coffee too! A visit to this place is now in order, heehee! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    18 . May . 2016
  8. Maan

    Wow this sounds so awesome! I want to go theeeere. I think it’s amazing that you will never run out of things to talk about when you’re hanging out in Bubba Lab!

    18 . May . 2016
  9. Berlin

    Another new place to visit. And surely my boys would appreciate the displays and look of the diner as they love science. Yes, they do and kabisado ng panganay ko ang periodic table. Nyahahha.

    18 . May . 2016
  10. Arrianne Guzman

    That S’mores Milk Tea was really good! I love themed restos like this. I especially like this one because Chemistry is one of my favorite subjects! Hope to be back here again 😉

    18 . May . 2016
  11. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    Cool place to hang out! I hope they’ll open a branch near us so that we can visit, too.

    18 . May . 2016
  12. Marie

    I love trying out themed cafe’s or resto’s. This is too cute of a theme, and the food looks amazing! It’s on my list to try!

    18 . May . 2016
  13. Nilyn Matugas

    Wow! This place is nice! Now I wonder if I would ever fit here! Wala akong panlaban pagdating sa chemistry! haha!

    18 . May . 2016
  14. Juvy Ann

    Oh what a wonderful concept. Themed restaurants are gaining quite a following lately. Would love to come visit and check the place out for myself.

    17 . May . 2016
  15. Rachel Arandilla

    What an interesting concept! Most cafes are now becoming theme-based and this tickles the hidden nerd in me–reminds me of my high school chemistry class!

    Rachel Arandilla /

    17 . May . 2016
  16. Stella the Travelerette

    This looks like so much fun! I love the scientific decor! And the smores tea looks great and so cheap! I’ve never had winter melon, but I would love to try it!

    17 . May . 2016
  17. Alison

    This place looks awesome! The beakers for the drinks are so cute! I definitely would want some of those drinks because they look really good! I like the open mic night. I bet you see a lot of fun talent!

    17 . May . 2016
  18. Maria

    I’ve seen this place from other bloggers as well and I just could not stop reading about it! It’s true that their products are so affordable and place looks like creativity can pop in from anywhere. I just wish they would have a branch somewhere near our area because currently, it’s quite far from us. 🙁

    16 . May . 2016
  19. Tesle Telan

    Just reading this post makes me hungry already!!! I love the theme of the Bubba Lab. It’s so unique and fun!! 🙂 xoxo, T

    16 . May . 2016
  20. Kerr Quevedo

    The nerd in me is screaming. Gahhhhhhhhh!
    I wanna go to Manila now. Please huhuhu I hope they will extend here in Cebu or at least have a cafe with the same theme as theirs.

    Me likey!

    16 . May . 2016
  21. Roselle Toledo

    It’s great to know that Bubba Lab is located in Marikina. I must visit this one of these days. I like themed restaurants and the periodic table menu is so cool! I was thinking the food here are expensive. Glad I was wrong.

    16 . May . 2016
  22. Joanna

    I like coffee shops that are cosy and offer a large option for desserts, especially when they are not ordinary ones. I have never had red velvet waffles before but I bet they are delicious.

    16 . May . 2016
  23. May Palacpac

    I love that more and more restos like this – Science-oriented, or reading-related themes, are popping out. But lab or no lab, I’m going to get fat in that place hahaha. I saw that s’more drink in my timeline earlier today and I can’t get it out of my head, hahaha.

    16 . May . 2016
  24. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    This is soo cute! I’m not actually a fan of science but it’s cute just the same. 🙂 I’d love to try it there sometime although it’s a tad far from us.

    16 . May . 2016

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